Making it​ with Myriah


Clothing & Costumes: Let's discuss! I charge roughly $30 per hour.  

Commissions: Have an idea? I'm down to sew just about anything! Let's talk about it!

Long-arm Quilting Services:

BARE ESSENTIALS BASTING: $1.15 per 5-inch linear line. Don't have enough room to lay out your quilt and baste it all together before you do your own quilting? I will put a basting stitch around the edge and every 5 inches (linear lines not a grid pattern).

EDGE TO EDGE COMPUTERIZED: $0.025 per square inch, which includes one pattern in one thread color over the entire quilt. The first two bobbins are included; additional bobbins are $5 each.

DOODLE ME DONE: $0.04 per square inch. If you would like something more specific than an edge to edge all over, describe something you'd like and let's set up an appointment to talk through your idea.

In a Bind? Binding Options:

-You pre-make binding and I sew it on one side by machine so that you can hand stitch t to the back. $0.12 per linear inch

-You pre-make binding, I sew it on both sides back to front by machine. $0.20 per linear inch

-I make binding and I sew it on both sides back to front by machine. $0.40 per linear inch

-I make binding and I sew it on the front side by machine and hand sew it to the back. $0.60 per linear inch (please allow an extra week for this service)

Other Quilting Add-Ons:

-Pressing quilt top or back $15 per side

-Piecing back $10 per seam

-Trimming the excess after quilting $10

-Adding a hanging sleeve $20

-Adding an info tag $20

Memory or Other Quilts: $400-$1000. Pricing is dependent on complexity and size.

Private Lessons/Classes In You Name It: These include quilting, clothing construction, bags, costuming, crochet, or any other crafting you want to learn! $35 an hour. Two or more $30 an hour.

Stuffed Animals: Memory or otherwise $100

Tags: Want to add a special message to your project? We can do that! $10