Making it​ with Myriah


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Love sewing quilt tops but don't have the room to quilt them? Hire me and pick from over 1000 patterns! Don't see something you like? I can get more or doodle something myself!  

Memory Quilts

& Stuffed Animals

It's hard being away from family or losing a loved one. If you have old button downs, t-shirts, dresses, or ties, I can make something to help you remember that special person in your life.

Clothing & 


Need a garment fitted or a completely new look for a big event? Be it a birthday or costume party, I've got you covered there too! I'll have you looking spiffy and fitted in no time.  

Commissions & Anything Crafty 

If you can think of it, I can make it! This is not limited to sewing; I can crochet, paint, and love figuring out all the hand crafts out there! And best ideas sometimes sound crazy in the beginning!  

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